What is special about your Sym Glasses?

We can proudly state that we are the first company to have developed and patented a click mechanism for lenses – so that you can exchange your lenses in seconds. This way you can change your frame to your outfit every day or use your Sym frame as sunglasses or reading glasses.

Furthermore, we offer great quality to exceptional prices starting from only 79 €: Our frames are made from 100% acetate and all feature a high-quality spring hinge. Concept and design are developed in Berlin where our company has their head office.

Without any additional costs all our lenses are made of premium MR-8 material, are thinned (1,67 index), scratch-resistant, multiple anti-reflective and feature a maximal UV protection.

We beg you to compare us with the prices of our competitors 😉

How do I insert my Sym lenses in my Sym frame?

Inserting the lenses could not be easier. Just align the lenses from the inside of the frame and press the out edge of the lens into the frame until you hear a sound click.
Not clear yet? No worries: Find a graphical instruction here or tutorial video here.

Can I insert all Sym lenses in different Sym frames?

Yes, just make sure that the frame is from the same collection as your lenses. We have developed 3 different lens shapes: KIEZ for a roundish shape, SQUARE for a (not too surprising) square shape and CLUB for an aviator shape. For each collection we have developed a variety of models and colors so that choosing your frame for your outfit is fun.

What types of lenses do you offer?
We offer a big variety of lenses for almost every debility of sight – for example we offer: 
⦁ Single vision glasses for near vision (reading glasses)
⦁ Single vision glasses for far vision
⦁ Multifocal glasses
⦁ Non-prescription glasses
⦁ Single vision sunglasses for near vision (reading glasses)
⦁ Single vision sunglasses for far vision
⦁ Multifocal sunglasses
⦁ Non-prescription sunglasses
⦁ Glasses with blue light filter without correction
Anything else you are looking for just let us know 
What kinds of lenses are delivered in the standard setting without additional costs?

Even in the standard setting all of our lenses are made of high-quality MR-8 material, are extra thin (Index 1.67) anti-scratch and feature a maximum UV protection. This is rather unique in the optical industry – check yourself!

Is it possible to purchase Sym lenses or Sym frames individually?

Actually we hope that you will take advantage of our Mix & Match concept and get compatible frames and lenses/ sunglasses for your Sym glasses. For individual Sym frames please have look here and for the individual Sym lenses please refer to here.


Can I order glasses without prescription?

Sure, just select the option “no correction” when you fill-in the order

I placed a wrong order. Can I change it afterwards?

If you realized you did a mistake during the order, just contact our customer service. We will always find a solution

How do I receive my invoice?

The invoice for your order will be sent to you by Email. In case you did not receive it or cannot find it anymore – just give us a shout and will send it again.

Can I order glasses without prescription?

Yes if you wish to wear glasses only as a fashion statement, you can select the option “no correction”.

How does it work for our French customers?

Three simple steps:

1. Place an order by selecting the correction you need in the product configurator.

2. In the confirmation e-mail you will find the link to download your care sheet.

3. You will receive your order containing your glasses and your care sheet, send it to your insurance company.

More information on this page.


1. How long does the delivery take?

The average delivery time for a shipment within Germany is 8-10 days – obviously we will always try to get the glasses to you as quick as possible.
For international shipments it might take a bit longer so better calculate 10-12 days.

2. Do I get a tracking number?

Sure – we will send you a tracking number by email so that you can follow-up on your Sym delivery yourself on www.dpd.de.

3. How much does shipping cost?

Within Germany the shipping is free. To other European countries we have to charge a small supplement of 4,99 €.

Return & Refund

1. How do I cancel an order?

As long as your order has not yet been shipped, you can cancel individual items or an entire order. Please contact our customer service and we will gladly take care of your request and refund any money you may have already paid. The refund will always be done in the same way as the payment.

Can I return my Sym glasses in case there is any problem?

Sure, should you really not be happy with your Sym glasses you can always return them within 30 days – even if the lenses were personalized for you. We want you to try our Sym glasses 100% risk free!!

Can I exchange a Sym glasses or lenses?

Absolutely, we provide you with a free exchange service. Just give us a call and let us figure out what you need.