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Sym Click

A revolution at a simple click!


All our frames have the same lens shape. This means that each Sym frame can be combined with all Sym lenses from the same collection.


1. Insert and hold the lens on the bottom side of the frame (temples towards you).

2. Press the lens on the outside of the frame until you hear a click.

3. To remove the lens, press down on the outer edge of the glass with your thumb.

Thanks to our innovative system you can :

- Use a frame with different lenses (distance vision, near vision, progressive lenses, sun shades, blue light...).
- Use the same lenses with different frame styles to change your look.
- Replace only one lens or only the frame in case of loss or breakage.

Insert your own glasses!

Our lenses are pre-produced in the usual dioptric corrections (-4.00 to +4.00). Thanks to SymClick, you can insert the lenses yourself into your Sym frames in a click without the help of an optician!